samantha: you cannot receive forgiveness divine postman, or have a sense of peace, when you are not prepared to give up something.

divine postman: we are ignorant sam of this truth: everything we accumulate comes at the cost of oppressing another human being. all goods are sourced at cheap labour. what will you have, quoth love? pay for it and take it.

samantha: i find that in all we do divine postman we always want to take but never give. our bellies are filled with lust.

we never question the character of the goods that we consume. the mass of man fear losing the things they have in order to gain all that nature desperately desires to give us.

divine postman: what good can come from us when there is no good within. a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

with all the habits we adopt in our life, we either build or destroy the subconscious mind.

samantha: it is what you do with what you are given that matters divine postman. the soul loves to create and as we create, we align ourselves with the almighty effort of nature.

the moment we begin to act in the state of an unlimited command of pleasure we create a passion for ruining ourselves and everything else through self-indulgence.

divine postman: the human heart can never have enough sam, which is why self-discipline needs to be a priority in our lives.

it is an incredibly prosperous age we live in and the youth continues to destroy themselves through self-indulgence.

we must eat not for self-indulgence but rather for nourishment. we do not need to take more than what is necessary.

through her eternal providence nature will give each man according to his needs and when he has more he is to give.

samantha: philosophy calls for plain living, but not for penance divine postman. our simplicity is a means through which we can share our life with all men.

divine postman: and we may perfectly well be plain and neat at the same time.

samantha: wealth is harnessed within divine postman. when men visit our homes they should marvel at who we are and not what we have.

divine postman: the self-helping mortal, who takes the hardest road, will be greeted with love, peace, and joy as fragrant as the flowers in the spring. all things will obey him, glory is his.

samantha: for him divine postman all doors are flung wide open. all eyes follow with desire.

divine postman: but the mass of man aim low sam. and as they aim low they reap low. they are unstable in their frame, crooked through self-indulgence and unstable in their thinking.

samantha: we suffer amputation and are thus disproportionate. the individual parts exceed the sum of the whole. we do not treat the most delicate parts of who we are with care.

divine postman: nature’s scholar is the torch-bearer of love. imparting hope to the meek.