mbuso: nothing will change divine postman if the subconscious does not change.

divine postman: and for the subconscious to change friend, implies the entire stripping of the human body and the mind.

mbuso: we must destroy in order to rebuild. true change can only happen when we change our habits. the subconscious mind operates based on the habits we adopt.

divine postman: which poses the question mbuso, does the conscious mind exist at all?

mbuso: yes, it does divine postman. but it is only a small fraction of who we are. we need to break through the conscious mind to reach the never-ending depths of the subconscious.

divine postman: in other words our trueselves lies in the subconscious.

mbuso: schooling fails divine postman because it appeals only to the conscious.

divine postman: and as it aims at the conscious mind, it destroys the subconscious because we end up adopting unhealthy habits.

late nights, early mornings, coffee and unhealthy food become a part of who we are. what schooling does through its teachings is separate us from nature. we neglect our health and never explore the joy of sleeping on the floor.

mbuso: our society is sleep deprived divine postman, sleep is a critical part of who we are. the more sleep we get friend, the more refreshed and renewed we feel. imagine sleeping for a year, how radical will your life change.

divine postman: it will be as though a man were rising from the dead, seeing his divine nature for the first time.

mbuso: but to pursue optimal health divine postman comes at a cost. freedom and sacrifice go hand in hand. it is not sleep that will transform you into a divine being, but the beginning of getting to know yourself.

divine postman: and when we embark on this sacred journey we begin to shed away the old and make room for the new. people do not love themselves mbuso. they choose anything but spending time with themselves.

mbuso: society is in conspiracy against the manhood and womanhood of everyone of its members. the only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it.

divine postman: all good is in the sun friend. and for the knowledge in this sovereign light to mould our dna, the body needs to become water. when the body is water, it is able to absorb knowledge much faster.

mbuso: the vital resources of every animal and vegetable are demonstrations of the self-sufficing and therefore self-relying soul.

animals and all plants in nature are self-reliant. they trust in the inborn knowledge they have within.

divine postman: the bended tree recovering from a strong wind mbuso; the succession of the seasons and the migration of animals are testament of this truth friend.

nature’s truth can never be substituted by man made inventions. all that does not conform to nature will never be free. water cannot run uphill.

mbuso: nature sustains her own being divine postman, yet man cannot do this simple thing of living from within. he rejects nature’s sublimity and trusts in some external possession.

divine postman: he sees himself to be some third estate. separated from nature and his own constitution. if you do not believe in yourself, you will never believe in anything.

mbuso: let us not rove divine postman; let us sit at home with the cause. let us stun and astonish the intruding rabble of man, books, and institutions. by a simple declaration of the divine fact.

divine postman: bid the invaders take the shoes off from their feet, for love is here within. let us whip them with our simplicity

mbuso: and our docility to our own law demonstrate the poverty of nature and fortune beside our native riches.

divine postman: our natural genius is infinite. remember your roots, for in them all your fortune is found.

mbuso: all that we receive is in proportion to how deep we reach.