athi: those born privileged divine postman are the poor ones.

divine postman: there is only so much they can experience friend. although they are rich materially; they will be poor spiritually.

they will always be limited in their accomplishments and will not leave a dent in the universe, because of their narrow perspective.

athi: they must forsake everything to taste the sweetness of life. and be as simple as the every day street dweller, who has cast all things and remained in his being. happy in his own skin.

though bitter it is to drink nature’s waters, in the beginning; however, with time, every scar will heal. whoever has never experienced poverty will never attain true riches.

divine postman: we consider the people who live on the street as being poor not knowing that those who are really poor are the ones who live in quiet desperation in their homes.

whoever has failed to overcome their fears will never find fulfillment. he will never be free.

athi: the street dweller is much stronger than the city doll. he can adapt to the conditions of nature. and will go barefoot his whole life without getting sick.

divine postman: it is an interesting point that you make athi. and the reason why they are in impeccable condition, is because they are always outdoors sleeping at the bosom of nature.

while the government employee dies in his home with all the food that he eats with his wife and kids. and the entertainment that never serves to teach.

athi: the more distant we become from nature the more distant we will be from ourselves. marriage and a family serves as an excuse for man’s self-indulgent ways.

divine postman: our society is incredibly selfish, how can we use so much energy and so much water only to feed a small number of individuals in a household.

athi: while the majority of the world goes hungry.

divine postman: i dare say that marriage, and a family are a curse. they are a form of institution on their own and seek to act partially, to sunder, to appropriate.

athi: while the world is whole and refuses to be disparted.

divine postman: the most noble pursuit athi is knowledge, wisdom and discipline. and they come only to those who are naked before nature.

athi: so much of nature do we know divine postman, so much of our minds do we possess.

divine postman: what a home and a family merely do is that, they create a sense of comfort and security.

athi: the cost of having a family is losing our matrimony with nature. we lose the best of life’s experiences because we chose to settle down.

and thus we spend all our lives being a shadow of who we are; confined to walls. never understanding the rush of blood that nature gives.

divine postman: nature is made abundant to remind man of his roots. in spite of all distractions man is to look for refuge in the mountain and the sea.

athi: what can heal every scar and wipe every tear is the beauty of nature. the dog, when he is troubled after being wounded in battle, lays down on the earth to find rest and healing.

divine postman: the earth communicates to him in frequencies of love and so he feels comfort. and never ceases to run around barking and playing joyfully.

athi: and so the creatures of the field embody the strength and grace of nature.

the last judgement