okuhle: the african has adopted european culture divine postman; he has looked away from his true past, and does not reconcile today with all the suffering of his yesteryears.

divine postman: it is not only the african okuhle, but also the european and the asian have all looked away from nature and become exiles in the city.

i find okuhle that in all we do, we are always looking forward and as a result forgetting our labour of yesterday.

okuhle: the sun is no longer beautiful in the eyes of man. athena made life to be simple and made the owl so man would remember true knowledge.

divine postman: the laws in nature okuhle are written in the soul of every mortal. and they are interpreted in the mind as proverbs, which are always the literature of reason.

okuhle: or the statements of an absolute truth divine postman, without qualification.

divine postman: it is only nature that can guide us friend. proverbs is the only true knowledge that will endure in the end. the knowledge in the city sprouts quickly but has no roots.

in all we do, we fear confronting ourselves and waste all our time in trivial things most of all cooking. yes, we need to eat but must never forget that time is not to be wasted.

okuhle: we must throw away the rule book and seek new ways that the previous generation failed to see. time is the greatest gift unto all men.

divine postman: fruit is the best food we can eat friend. it saves time and nourishes the body in a way that puts our efforts of food to shame.

what is most simple is most powerful. through the process of cooking we destroy all that is good in food.

okuhle: and when you tell people that you can live off raw fruits and vegetables they get frightened.

they can never conceive the possibility of giving up meat and cooked foods altogether, which only serve to clutter the belly and entertain the tongue.

divine postman: all we do is put junk into our bodies friend. our bellies are full but our bodies are starving.

all we are to do on this earth is take proper care of our bodies and minds through observing the harmony between animals and nature and seeking to imitate that.

when you watch animals okuhle, they  eat, rest, move, and eat. they are never short of energy or require assistance from a machine to carry their bodies. even unto their old age and grey hairs animals are able to support the weight of their body.

however, in the case of humans our body becomes idle with the food that we eat and subsequently our nature will become comfortable and stay for too long in one place. we cannot even walk long distances anymore, let alone cycle from one city to another.

okuhle: people are lazy divine postman. they find refuge in eating meat, dairy and processed foods. they sleep on beds instead of laying on the ground. it seems all that is not in nature weakens and in the end destroys the human body.

these couches, this food, these telescreens, these beds all fulfill the purpose of breaking down the body.

we start settling down divine postman and become comfortable and warm for too long because there is no movement within us. the food that we eat and the habits we adopt clog up our blood cells and we fail to reason; the outside will stem from the condition of the inside.

we need to challenge ourselves divine postman and embrace new environments because they will constantly teach us about who we are.

divine postman: when we move to a different environment we learn more of what we are capable of and see that there is an infinite amount of greatness within us. however, what will enable us to manifest that greatness is having faith.

okuhle: beauty will follow you wherever you go friend. love is the footsteps that you take.

divine postman: we are all given an artform to master. and the deeper we go, the more truth we will find. only the strong will continue.