spenser: happy ye leaves when as though lilly hands,

divine postman: which hold my life in their dead doing might

spenser: shall handle you and hold in loves soft bands,

divine postman: lyke captives trembling at the victors sight.

spenser: and happy lines, on which with starry light,

divine postman: those lamping eyes will deigne sometimes to look

spenser: and reade the sorrowes of my dying spright, written with teares in harts close bleeding book.

divine postman: and happy rymes bathed in the sacred brooke, of helicon whence she derived is. only one way there is to go.

spenser: i will take the long way round as i should. when ye behold that angels blessed looke,

divine postman: my soules long lacked foode, my heavens blis.

spenser: leaves, lines, and rymes, seek her to please alone,

divine postman: whom if ye please, i care for other none. only that my soul receives joy from thy divine lines.

spenser: in all things divine postman, it is best to write what you like; not what others demand you to write.

divine postman: how shallow and vain are their affections spenser blowing hot today and cold tomorrow.

spenser: what matters most is that a man finds love in his art.

divine postman: and as he waits his words will come to life. and those who thirst will drink.

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