aristotle: all men naturally desire knowledge divine postman

divine postman: an indication of this is our esteem for the senses aristotle; for apart from their use we esteem them for their own sake

aristotle: and most of all, the sense of sight divine postman. not only with a view to take action but even when no action is contemplated, we prefer sight, generally speaking, to all the other senses

divine postman: the reason of this is that sight, of all the other senses, best helps us to know things, and reveals many distinctions. however, if i had the choice of losing a sensation aristotle it would be that of sight

aristotle: oh, why divine postman, when this is such an esteemed sensation? how are you to visualize the beauty of the world

divine postman: the reason for this aristotle is that the one thing i would not love to lose is the capacity for conversation. in other words, if i was blind yet able to taste, hear, and feel i would not complain too much. i sincerely believe the ability to have a good conversation is one of nature’s pure gifts

aristotle: indeed, divine postman conversation is the means through which we heal, and when empowered by emotion it is life changing. in my encounter with the blind i always find a sense of curiosity and a great imagination. supposedly, because since they cannot see all the other senses become heightened

divine postman: and in this case aristotle we see nature’s law of compensation manifesting itself. for every defect there is an excess

aristotle: indeed divine postman. now animals are by nature born with the power of sensation, and from this some acquire the faculty of memory, whereas others do not

divine postman: accordingly aristotle man is more intelligent and capable of learning than the animals which cannot remember. such as cannot hear sounds, as the bee, and any other similar type of creature, are intelligent but cannot learn. those only are capable of learning which possess this sense in addition to the faculty of memory

aristotle: learning is sacred divine postman and it is what separates man from animals. man has the ability to create his own environment as he chooses. however, animals cannot do such a thing. they are obliged to live in the environment that nature has placed them in. however, man simply refuses to learn only when it will yield an extrinsic outcome

divine postman: he does not know aristotle that his soul desires knowledge