emerson: life is good divine postman.

divine postman: truly it is ralph, every man must learn to help himself. his soul must be upright and become his best teacher and all things he will take with him in his joy

emerson: though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given him to till

divine postman: in all we do one must walk with certainty emerson.

emerson: those who trust in institutions divine postman will be robbed of their natural genius and will always be reciting another’s thought

divine postmann: oh! let beauty manifest from within ralph. the simplest of all is most attractive

emerson: we have been so deceived divine postman. these homes these possessions have no soul.

divine postman: what we do is take out our own soul and put it in them and thus there our treasure lies. as they rust and erode so do we rust and become ruins within

emerson: the mass of man work to accumulate things they will leave when they die. in times of sorrow these items can never speak back to soothe your heart. you only live once

divine postman: they choose ignorance and thus are never aware of their divine repositories. there is no room for natural knowledge all that can be found is clutter. truth only rebounds it does not sink to the ground

a tree may grow tall in the woods but it is the roots that will bind it to the ground. and whatever storms may come it will remain rooted

emerson: truth does not change divine postman. nature’s laws can never be intercepted. water does not run uphill

divine postman: those who refuse to suffer ralph will subsequently trust in the dollar and will never understand the essence of the human condition

emerson: the scholar of nature must preserve his joy in his bosom and not shout it out loud to deaf ears. he must endure and keep on his path to dissect the human condition as an anatomist dissects the human body.

divine postman: history is what defines everything ralph. what we delight in most is conversation. the pure mind attracts all things.

emerson: one man sees a rainbow another sees clouds.

divine postman: one man sees light another sees darkness

emerson: one man lives in hope another in doubt. our life is not as much threatened as is our perception. change is the only constant