mandela: i have a special attachment for people who befriended me during times of distress.

divine postman: in johannessburg you had a home nelson of your own choice far away from your birthplace and had made progress, however little, mainly through your own initiative and resources

mandela: i chose to trust in my abilities divine postman and believe that i had come to johannesburg for a reason and a greater purpose

divine postman: what was the feature of the friendships that you made nelson

mandela: they were built around families rather than individuals divine postman, and they were scarcely affected by the deaths of the members on whom they were founded. instead death made the bond that we shared that much closer

divine postman: true friendships are ones that endure life’s difficulties and as we are broken through all the hardships we encounter, so do we also grow in ways that we never thought conceivable before

mandela: indeed, it is only suffering and pain that will unite us. the superfluous times of vain laughter will never serve to bring us closer

divine postman: true love nelson endures

mandela: there is a fellow i became friendly with at healdtown, and that friendship bore fruit when i reached johannesburg. a chap called zachariah molete

divine postman: is he the one who was in charge of sour milk in healdtown

mandela: yes, yes divine postman, and if you are friendly to him, he would give you very thick sour milk. when i arrived in johannesburg in the early forties i became very close friends of his because his father had a grocery shop

divine postman: was he the chief steward of the wesleyan church

mandela: indeed divine postman you remember the story very well when i told it around the fire last week. he looked after me because i was struggling and made sure that i got groceries.

divine postman: very kind old man nelson, the compassion you receive from others you subsequently share it with those who later come into your presence asking for help

mandela: our receiving is in proportion to our giving. the great lesson i learned upon moving to johannesburg was that within us all there is inherent good and how we harness that good is a reflection of how we treat others

divine postman: we must always believe in better nelson. humanity can achieve wonderful things when it operates from the divine state of compassion

mandela: and we can only realize that divine postman when we possess only what we need