mandela: in my early days in johannesburg divine postman i made numerous contacts with people, such as john mngoma, an orator well-versed in zulu history and lazar sidelsky

divine postman: iAM sure it helped, nelson, to develop some inner strength and allow you to forget about your poverty and difficulties. as well as also heal your sufferings loneliness and frustrations

mandela: when you move to a new place, away from home, pursuing your dream it can be hard in the beginning. however, with patience and perseverance divine postman the skies will clear and at once a man forgets his heaviness and remembers not his sorrows at all

divine postman: there was more humanity in your day nelson people were united in a completely radical manner because they believed that by standing together the apartheid regime would begin to show cracks

mandela: you have to persist divine postman in all you do. no matter how many times you have been knocked down you have to keep getting up again and again. and the connections that i made gave me the confidence that i could stand on my own two feet

and at the same time enjoy the goodwill and support of worthy men and women i had not previously known and to whom i could turn in case of need

divine postman: now that your generation nelson attained political freedom for the previously oppressed it seems that everyone has retreated to their own corner like minors and invalids concerned with only providing for their family

mandela: it appears the african cared only about their standard of living and never looked back to the horrors of the past and the immense price that was paid for their freedom

divine postman: it is a shame what our country has come to nelson. the anglo-boer is also indifferent about the benefits he acquired through the oppression of native africans. and spends their day complaining about crime, service delivery, and how the current governemnt is failing him

mandela: the government of south africa does not owe the anglo-boer anything instead it is the anglo-boer that owes the people of this country because it was at the cost of their blood that they enjoyed the fruits of the nationalist party

divine postman: how bitter those fruits must taste in their mouths today nelson. there needs to be some form of compensation the anglo-boer gives to the african as a token of reconciliation whether it is through sacrificing their wealth and reducing their standard of living or adopting and embracing the indigenous culture of the african

mandela: every struggle has no end. have a look at america it is considered to be the most liberal country in the world but the effects of slavery continue to permeate american society

divine postman: when the conscious does not change nothing will ever change nelson