mandela: only armchair leaders are immune from making mistakes divine postman.

divine postman: errors are inherent to our human behaviour nelson

mandela: those who are in the centre of an ongoing struggle, who have to deal with practical and pressing problems, are afforded little time for reflection

divine postman: and no precedents to guide them because they make decisions on the spot and have to think on their feet. well aware that whatever decision they make it will have consequences for millions of people

mandela: they are bound to slip up many times but the truly great leader will not listen to all the criticism but will trust himself to get up and mount his horse and head toward the sun

divine postman: everyone needs to learn from the mistakes of the past and create a better future for the generation to follow. through our divine ability we can will anything to reality

mandela: there is a leader in us all divine postman and first we need to command ourselves before we can command many

divine postman: we need to be flexible nelson in our decision making and not be rigid. the voyage of a ship feels to be a zig zag to the crew on board. but step away and perceive it from a sufficient distance and the ship moves in a perfectly straight direction

mandela: we must advance on chaos and the dark obeying the divine effort of freedom knowing that it is our duty to be guides, redeemers, and benefactors and not cowards fleeing before a revolution divine postman

divine postman: through critically examining our work we will acquire the necessary experience and foresight that will enable one to avoid the ordinary pitfalls and pick out our way ahead, amidst the throb of events

mandela: what matters most in life divine postman is focus. we need to concentrate all our energies on one great thing believing in every bit of our body that this is what we are made to do

divine postman: and to be effective nelson we need to make the most of what we are given. you can live in a mansion and be poor or you can live in a shack and be rich

mandela: true riches and true poverty, divine postman, are not classified through material acquisition but rather through spiritual wealth. the condition of the body is the condition of the soul