biko: the body is a fluid

divine postman: the more movement there is in the body the more alive it will be.

biko: we all know that 70% of your body is water, which means that, as there is more movement and the consumption of foods that are highly concentrated in water, the body retains its natural state of being a fluid

divine postman: however biko, when we consume solids, foods that don’t contain a significant amount of water, the body becomes idle as the cells do not have a lot of water

biko: it also goes down to digestion divine postman. plant based foods take a short time to digest, whereas meat takes days or even weeks to digest

divine postman: we fail to understand that the body is a living mechanism and when we give it a lot of work, as in the case of digesting meat, we will reap less. if at all anything from the food that we eat

biko: instead of giving us energy all the energy will be used in processing the meat that we eat

divine postman: i find that a plant-based diet is so fulfilling and when we go back in history one would find that our ancestors consumed mostly plants and vegetables and occasionally hunted for meat

biko: i also think the process in which they acquired the meat was very important. they used their body efficiently by going out into the wild and hunting for their prey

divine postman: one can see biko that when they hunted their meat there was a sense of fulfillment about it because it felt to be a reward. sometimes they might go hunting and not find their prey and after a prolonged period succeed in their hunt

biko: in essence divine postman it enhanced their human faculties such as courage, determination, patience, and celebrating with your tribe after attaining your prize

divine postman: there was an underlying lesson in this process biko of hunting that enhanced our abilities as human beings. and there was no such thing of hunting for yourself. the prize was shared among the people and thus creating community.

poverty begins with the state of mind that you alone seek to benefit in what you do. and as there is more greed there will be less fulliflment in what you do

biko: the gift of hunting aligned us to the laws of nature of being strong willed and disciplined and returning as a hero from the wild. every young man looked forward to catching their first prize divine postman and everyone had enough to eat

divine postman: much like cyrus when he had finally become a man and could put on his armour for his first expedition against the assyrians

biko: of course, and there was no excessive hunting of animals either divine postman, considering that tribes were vastly populated. every tribe had enough game to sustain themselves on and if they decided they could move on to the landscape that suited them best

divine postman: i find that the nomadic life is incredibly sustainable biko because it constantly teaches you something new. as you move you grow and the challenges you encounter will teach you more about who you are. more than anything you learn to be resourceful

biko: in this age, the mass of man have decided to settle divine postman and how they hunt for their meat is waking up everyday in the morning and going to work convincing themselves that they are doing something worthwhile

divine postman: not knowing that they are merely going to work just so they can indulge in their pleasure of eating meat

biko: one must keep in mind divine postman that there is a cost to everything and the best things in life come at the highest cost, such as freedom