thucydides: to have nothing is to have everything divine postman. for truly the entire earth is our inheritance

divine postman: indeed thucydides, we must be free to roam exploring ourselves as we explore the earth

thucydides: we must first gain increased familiarity with the earth before we embark on the sea and land, which become arenas for the spectacle of man thinking

divine postman: that is why before we set off we need to first empower our minds. in order to understand all the abundance of experience that awaits us

thucydides: the first person known to us by tradition as having traversed the earth in his imagination is homer

divine postman: he imagined it all in his mind and explored it in his life. one answering the other’s end

thucydides: the imagination is an expression of who we are and thus must be treated with purity and care, as the twigs that hold the ripened orange are gentle so we too need to be gentle in handling our imagination

divine postman: what is most fragile is most strong thucydides, through understanding the imagination and the human condition we become masters of our own selves

thucydides: the imagination is all faith divine postman, when we live in it we attract all we think about because everything is expressed in the moment

divine postman: we must rule over the waters within and appoint our own convictions in every deed we undertake choosing quality over quantity

thucydides: true change can only happen through the imagination divine postman, which is the subconscious mind. the conscious mind is only a small portion of who we are and whoever relies on it will always live in a desperate manner

divine postman: they will always be looking for shortcuts in all that they do thucydides shunning the battle ground of fate. where strength and wisdom is born

thucydides: the conscious mind cannot sustain itself and therefore life will always push you backwards when you choose to dwell in it

divine postman: indeed it is not sustainable in the long-term because there is no understanding only facts that are forgotten quickly. for they never take root

thucydides: the mass of man learn for material gain divine postman and therefore will never reap anything fruitful. the faces you see on the way up are the ones on the way back down