aristotle: far best is he who knows himself; through understanding himself he understand all things

divine postman: when will man use his hands and feet to bring him joy

mbuso: in all we do, we take what is easy

athi: we sit at home. we sit at work

graeme: we sit in cars. we sit in trains and we sit in taxis

okuhle: in everything we always strive to do what is convenient

samantha: and not what will challenge us; our minds can only go as far as our bodies go

aristotle: that is why the mass of man resort to drugs, because they are not moving their bodies

divine postman: how will they ever understand the nature of things when they do not explore themselves

mbuso: if you do what is easy your life will be hard; if you do what is hard your life will be easy

athi: we covet what one another has

greame: every man looks away from himself and lives according to external expectations

okuhle: the problem with that perception of life is that you will always be living according to some set standard that society expects you to reach

samantha: that is why parents put so much pressure on their kids to attain these material possessions

aristotle: because when they were growing up they were taught to seek validation and not find validation in who they are

divine postman: we are all unique; with special gifts and abilities there is no way we can all fit into this box that society expects us to

emerson: the whole of man lives in a box divine postman; his home is a box, his coach is a box, and his office is a box

mbuso: people do not know, emerson that they are the standard

athi: all wisdom is to be found within

graeme: you must speak your latent conviction and it shall be the universal sense

emerson: a man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across him

okuhle: and not tow the status quo but rather creating a new system; where he is a law unto himself

samantha: it best to know who you are and not allow anyone to come near you but through your own act

aristotle: it must be that the most powerful freedom we have is the ability to choose

divine postman: but what happens when your convictions cause you to be unpopular in the eyes of many

mbuso: conforming is a blind man’s bluff

athi: it will bring you false affections in the eyes of the multitude

graeme: we must be prepared to be criticized for what we believe

emerson: in every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts

okuhle: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty

samantha: we gain the strength of the temptation that we resist

aristotle: he who has a why can bear with almost anyhow

leonardo: where the hand does not meet the spirit there can be no art

divine postman: man can achieve all he desires, he must have faith and patience

emerson: for the inmost in due time becomes the outmost

mbuso: and thus in every stage of our lives we metamorphoses

jobs: and remember you can’t connect the dots looking forward

athi: everything makes sense when we look at it from backwards

graeme: it is only our faith that will move us forward