aristotle: securing the good of a nation is a more noble and divine achievement than securing the good of an individual

divine postman: it is like the man walking on his feet is stronger than the man walking on his head

mbuso: absolutely, a nation is greater than an individual

athi: but a nation cannot exist without the indivdual

greame: the character of a nation is the character of its indiviudals

okuhle: many individuals devoted to a common cause will unite a nation

samantha: as we become selfish, so will our children be selfish; and thus we begin to live for our own good instead for the good of many

aristotle: people refrain from giving because when your life is a service it takes years to yield the desired outcome

divine postman: but when the outcome does materialize it is worth all the sacrifices that you made

mbuso: what matters most is that we have a divine vision and hold onto it in spite of all indignities we are confronted with

athi: history will not remember the critics but the defiant ones

graeme: those who stood upright and believed in the inherent good of man

okuhle: honor is greater than the dollar

samantha: when you treat people better than they deserve they start believing in themselves and see a light within that they were hiding

aristotle: when you go into a dark room and light a candle all the darkness will move aside and the focus will be the light

divine postman: but you can’t do the opposite. you cant go into a room filled with light and try to overpower it with darkness

mbuso: for every evil there is greater good

athi: as we make sacrifices of ourselves, for the good of man, we stir the consciousness of many

greame: the truth that lives in you will resound in the hearts of many

okuhle: your mind is the world

samantha: and thus as we change ourselves we change the world