plato: health comes at a cost

divine postman: one must be prepared to give up something to receive the wealth of health

mbuso: today people sleep late, they eat fatty and processed foods

athi: and begin losing a grip on who they are. which will come to have detrimental effects not only in the present but also in the future

graeme: you can never feel rich when you are not healthy

okuhle: health is worth more than gold

samantha: it is where the bosom of beauty lays

plato: i find that a woman is best when she is silent

divine postman: how sexist plato, does that mean a woman ought not to speak

mbuso: no, not at all divine postman; what plato means is that a woman is given beauty and a man is given wisdom

athi: do you guys believe it is possible for a woman to be president

graeme: yes, but she needs to be surrounded by a great circle of advisers

samantha: i’m sure she would make a better president than zuma or trump; then why the need for these great counsellors; zuma had one of the largest cabinets in the world and he still made a mess

plato: yes, sam but a man and a woman think differently

divine postman: a woman will always listen to what she feels which overpowers her rational capacity

mbuso: on the other hand a man barely relies on his emotion but mostly uses his rational capacity

athi: it is a successful combination of the two faculties that will yield optimal results

graeme: the right brain hemisphere and the left brain both need to balance

okuhle: and how might one go about achieving that

samantha: well we need to be poets and scientists

plato: and that can only happen when we start spending time with ourselves; there is no greater achievement than the mastery of oneself

divine postman: once we find our natural genius all things flow from within

mbuso: and to master ourselves we need to confront our fears

athi: it is only worry that we will find in the confines of fear

greamee: there is more harmony between a man and a woman when both are silent

okuhle: concluding that the perfect silence is the best language

samantha: it is when we see the entire spectrum of beauty, and communicate with body language

plato: the body communicates best because it is all emotion

divine postman: and emotion is the force of life