plutarch: with which being naturally well-pleased, as an addition to his satisfaction

divine postman: he was assured by his diviners that a son, whose birth was accompanied by these three such successes

mbuso: could not fail of being invincible

athi: it is good to share; what good is having something all to yourself

graeme: ultimately it will result in one ruining themselves through self-indulgence

okuhle: for what we discover will not only benefit ourselves but many

samantha: and thus multiplying our joy; when man are happy so will all the creatures of the field rejoice

plutarch: i find that people always crave more in our society and can never quite have enough

divine postman: fulfillment is an art plutarch, and something that one must be prepared to suffer for

mbuso: we take, take and consequently never give

athi: people do what they see others doing; they no longer trust in themselves

graeme: but if one person stands up many more will follow

okuhle: the greatest wealth we have in life is time

samantha: it is something that even the most grateful recipient can never pay back

plutarch: we waste our lives in meaningless jobs and never spend time with what is truly valuable

divine postman: which is people

mbuso: and in our employments we can never see the value of people because we are merely pursuing private ends

athi: it is only in our leisure that our eyes are opened up

graeme: we transcend to a divine state and thus believe that man can rise to where we are

okuhle: once you achieve something; you believe that others can also achieve it. understanding that none is greater than man

samantha: he is the miracle of nature and thus must reach the depths of his being to find his natural genius

plutarch: which neither family, nor schooling, nor institutions can teach

divine postman: in all people do they do just enough to get their end of the bargain

mbuso: and in the end you are not cheating your boss

athi: but rather you are cheating yourself

graeme: mediocrity will become a part of your conscious

okuhle: and thus you will live your whole life being complacent, never understanding the meaning of time

samantha: your time is limited so do not waste it living someone else’s life