plutarch: philip, after this vision, sent chaeron of megalopolis to consult the oracle of apollo at delphi by which he was commanded to perform sacrifice

divine postman: and henceforth pay particular honour to ammon

mbuso: and was told he should one day lose the eye

athi: with which he presumed to peep through that chink of the door

graeme: when he saw the god under the form of a serpent in the company of his wife

okuhle: eratosthenes says that olympias when she attended alexander on his way to the army in his first expedition, told him the secret of his birth

samantha: and bade him behave himself with courage suitable to his divine extraction

plutarch: others again affirm that she wholly disclaimed any pretensions of the kind

divine postman: and was wont to say, “when will alexander leave off slandering me to zeus”

mbuso: alexander was born the sixth of hecatombaeon

athi: on which month the macedonians call lous

graeme: the same day that the temple of diana at ephesus was burnt

okuhle: which hegesias of magnesia makes the occasion of a conceit

samantha: frigid enough to have stopped the conflagration

plutarch: the temple, he says, took fire and was burnt while its mistress was absent

divine postman: assisting at the birth of alexander

mbuso: and all the eastern soothsayers, who happened to be then at ephesus

athi: looking upon the ruin of this temple to be the forerunner of some other calamity

graeme: ran about the town beating their faces

okuhle: and crying that this day had brought forth something that would prove fatal

samantha: and destructive to all asia

plutarch: just after philip had taken potidaea

divine postman: he received these three messages at one time

mbuso: that parmenio had overthrown the illyrians in a great battle

athi: that his race-horse had won the course at the olympic games

graeme: and that his wife had given birth to alexander; focus on one course until successful

okuhle: in every kingdom there can only be one king

samantha: he must endure all dangers and afflictions to inspire his people