emerson: the sacredness which attaches to the act of creation

divine postman: the act of thought is instantly transferred to the record

mbuso: the poet chanting was felt to be a divine man

athi: henceforth the chant is divine also

graeme: the writer was a just and a wise spirit

okuhle: henceforward it is settled that the book is perfect

samantha: as love of the hero corrupts into worship of the statue; instantly the book becomes noxious

emerson: the guide is a tyrant

divine postman: we sought a brother, and lo! a government

athi: institutions are the lengthened shadow of a man

mbuso: the sluggish and perverted mind of the multitude

graeme: always slow to open to the incursions of reason

okuhle: having once so opened, having once so received this book

samantha: stands upon it, and makes an outcry if it is disparaged

emerson: colleges are built on it; and thus society becomes a fabrication of one man’s thought and not an original unit

divine postman: none trust in their inborn genius but accept a professors opinion as final, without investigating the cause on their own

mbuso: and so books are written by thinkers not by man thinking

graeme: by men of talent

okuhle: that is who start wrong by not absorbing natures infinite fountain

samantha: who set out from accepted dogmas, not from their own sight of principles; they ignore the flash of genius before their eyes and dismiss it as petty and trivial

emerson: the modern day man is constantly comparing himself

divine postman: he is never satisfied with who he is

mbuso: and thus will not reap all his richness within

graeme: as meek young men, let us grow up in libraries

athi: believing it our duty to accept the views

okuhle: which plato, thoreau and leonardo have given

samantha: forgetful that plato, thoreau and leonardo were young men in libraries when they wrote these books

emerson: it is a wonderful thing to live knowledge and not merely to repeat it by rote, because every book and every teacher will shine a light on your journey