emerson: the next great influence into the spirit of the scholar is the mind of the past

divine postman: in whatever form, whether of literature or art, of institutions that mind is inscribed

athi: books are the best type of influence of the past

greame: and perhaps we shall get at the truth

okuhle: learn the amount of this influence more conveniently

mbuso: by considering their value alone

samantha: the theory of books is noble; the scholar of the first age received into him the world around

emerson: brooded thereon gave it the new arrangement of his own mind

divine postman: and uttered it again

athi: it came into him life

okuhle: it went out from him truth

graeme: it came into him short-lived actions

mbuso: it went out from him immortal thoughts

samantha: it came into him business; it went out from him poetry

emerson: it was dead fact; now it is quick thought

divine postman: it can stand and it can go

athi: it now endures, it now flies

okuhle: it now inspires

graeme: precisely in proportion to the depth of mind from which it issued, so high does it soar

mbuso: so long does it sing

samantha: everything is in proportion to our energies; whatever we pursue will be a reflection of our ability to endure; and thus a strong mind is a strong body

emerson: we must return to infancy remembering our simple roots. or i might say aligning ourselves with the process of transmuting life into truth

divine postman: and how far this process had gone is how far we will see

mbuso: in proportion to the completion of distillation

athi: so will the purity and imperishableness of the product be

graeme: we must first be completed within before we can overcome without

okuhle: every soul goes through a journey

samantha: and it is us who decide how far that journey goes