biko: iAM against the notion that african culture is time-bound, the belief that with the conquest of the african, all his culture was obliterated

divine postman: iAM also against the belief that when one talks of african culture one is necessarily referring to the pre-van riebeeck culture

mbuso: obviously the african culture has had to sustain severe blows and may have been battered nearly out of shape by the belligerent cultures it collided with

graeme: yet in essence even today one can easily find the fundamental aspects of the pure african culture

athi: that is why we also need to refer to the modern african culture

okuhle: indeed because the african culture itself has undergone drastic changes to be where it is today

samantha: one of the most fundamental aspects of our culture is the term we attach to man; ours has always been a man-centred society

biko: westerners have often been surprised at the capacity we have for talking

divine postman: what the african knows best is how to converse; he can be talking about the weather or the chickens he will still manage to stimulate interest

mbuso: the african is rich in conversation because he is rich in life

graeme: especially in the rural areas, old people converse for hours on end and not for the sake of arriving at a particular conclusion

okuhle: but merely to enjoy the communication for its own sake

samantha: i also find that you gain so much wealth of wisdom when conversing with an old person from the rural areas who will tell you about the history of the place

biko: intimacy is a term not exclusive to particular friends

divine postman: but applying to a whole group of people

okuhle: who find themselves together through work or through residential requirements

mbuso: there seems to be this intrinsic connection the african has with his fellow man

graeme: even the european marvels at the warmth of the african

athi: and that is where the term ubuntu, humanity, has been derived from

samantha: i fear however, that as modern day africans we are merely glossing with the term and not embracing its ancestral roots

biko: humanity is gone smoked up in a gravity bong