biko: since that unfortunate date of 1652, we have been experiencing a process of acculturation

divine postman: it is perhaps presumptuous to call it “acculturation” because this term implies a fusion of different cultures

athi: in our case this fusion has been completely one-sided

mbuso: the two major cultures that met and “fused” were the anglo-boer culture and the african culture

okuhle: however, it was one sided because eventually the anglo-boer culture overcame the african culture

samantha: indeed okuhle, whereas the african culture was unsophisticated and simple, the anglo-boer culture had all the trappings of a colonialist culture and therefore was heavily equipped for conquest

biko: the anglo-boer culture brought many good things to africa just as rome brought great things to britain such as knowledge and infrastrure

divine postman: however, as wonderful as were some of the things they brought there were also evils that the african had to endure

athi: thus paying a severe price for the so-called innovations that the anglo-boer culture imported

mbuso: where they could, they conquered by persuasion, using a highly exclusive religion, that denounced all other gods, and demanded a strict code of behaviour, with respect to clothing, education, ritual, and custom

okuhle: where it was impossible to convert, firearms were readily available and used to advantage

samantha: in essence the british and the afrikaner had the main objective of conquering africa considering its abundant resources; and once a nation is conquered it is mandatory that they adopt the traditions of the conquerer

biko: indeed sam, just as alexander the great; infused alexandria with greek culture upon conquering it

divine postman: thus establishing his name and dominion among the history books

athi: hence in south africa, the anglo-boer culture was the most powerful in almost all facets

mbuso: this is where the african began to lose a grip on himself and his surroundings

okuhle: even today we see this acculturation playing itself out because the african is dispossessed of his homeland and now remains a foreigner in the bustling city

samantha: his roots lay in the mountains and fields of the country village; and thus being an exile in the city, he now idolizes all the trappings that it offers never remembering where he comes from

biko: the majority of the year he spends consumed in city life and then consoles himself once or twice a year by going to visit the village. however, this is not enough to change his paradigm

divine postman: he needs to immerse himself longer in the village, forsaking all he accumulated in the city; so once again he can become nature’s darling child