montaigne: reason directs that we should always go the same way, but not always at the same pace

divine postman: and consequently michel, though a wise man ought not so much to give the reins to human passions as to let him deviate from the right path

okuhle: he may, notwithstanding, without prejudice to his duty, leave it to them to hasten, or to slacken his speed

mbuso: and not fix himself like a motionless and insensible collossus

athi: could virtue itself put on flesh and blood, i believe the pulse would go on faster, going on to assault than going on to dinner

samantha: that is to say, there is a necessity she should heat and be moved upon this account

montaigne: energy returns to that which it came from; i have taken notice, as of an extraordinary thing, of some great men.

who in the highest enterprises and most important affairs have kept themselves in so serene and settled a calm, as not at all to break their sleep

divine postman: alexander the great, on the day assigned for that furious battle between him and darius, slept so profoundly and so long in the morning

mbuso: that parmenio was forced to enter his chamber, and coming to his bedside, to call him several times, by his name, the time to go to fight compelling him to do so

athi: i also find that people in the rural areas have an incredible capacity for sleep

okuhle: that is why, they remain in good health even in their old age

samantha: whereas in the bustling city our bodies barely even get to sleep

montaigne: when people get home they either watch television or listen to some news on the radio that they think to have missed.

or do work on their computers; never resting their brains. there is never absolute silence but never-ending noise

divine postman: and sleeping on beds just makes things worse. in my experiment of sleeping on the floor i find that my body gets sound sleep and truly feels to be regenerated

athi: you can never sleep on a bed; you merely rest, and this is of great detriment to your heart, brain and spine

because when you get old your spinal cord will be weaker and you will walk with a hunched back

mbuso: the body is of a stony nature and therefore anything soft weakens it

okuhle: our ancestors slept in caves.

samantha: or on the floor in huts and they fought many wars traveling long distances, and during wars they slept on the bare earth, beneath the stars

montaigne: the ground is where every man and woman should sleep, as it harmonizes your body with nature

herodotus: there are people in nations where they sleep for a whole year, they wake up in the middle of the year and then go back to sleep again

divine postman: and they who write of the sage epimenides affirm that he slept seven and fifty years together

samantha: our age has gone absolutely crazy, the reason we are so dull is because we hardly get enough sleep, which i believe is certainly one of the most important factors to a healthy lifestyle

athi: it certainly is the most important sam, because if your body fails to get adequate sleep it cannot perform all functions, such as digestion in a proper way

okuhle: and considering that we eat a lot of meat, it is imperative that we sleep enough because meat takes a long time to digest

montaigne: i find that the best thing after eating is to lay down on the ground. so as to allow your immune system to process the food