herodotus: in the next generation after this, they say, alexander the son of priam, having heard of these things, desired to get himself a wife by force from hellas,

divine postman: being fully assured that he would not be compelled to give any satisfaction for this wrong, inasmuch as the hellenes gave none for theirs

mbuso: so he carried off helen, the queenly bride, and the hellenes resolved to send messengers first and to demand her back for satisfaction of the rape

athi: and when they put forth this demand, the others alleged to them the rape of medea

okuhle: saying that the hellenes were now desiring satisfaction to be given to them, by others

samantha: though they had given none themselves, nor had surrendered the person when demand was made

herodotus: up to this point, they say, nothing more happened than the carrying away of women on both sides. but after this the hellenes were very greatly to blame

divine postman: for they set the first example of war making an expedition into asia before the barbarians made any into europe

mbuso: now they say that in their judgement, though it is an act of wrong to carry women away by force, it is a folly to set one’s heart on taking vengeance for their rape

athi: and the wise course is to pay no regard when they have been carried away, for it is evident that they would never be carried away if they were not themselves willing to go

okuhle: and the persians, say that they, namely the people of asia, when their women were carried away by force, had made it a matter of no account

samantha: so the war between the greeks and the persians broke out because of a quarrel about women

herodotus: yes samantha, because the hellenes on account of a lacadeamon woman gathered together a great armament, and then came to asia and destroyed the dominion of priam

divine postman: and that from this time forward they had always considered the hellenic race to be their enemy: for asia and the barbaric races which dwell there, the persians claim as belonging to them

mbuso: but europe and the hellenic race they consider to be parted off from them