zeus: i will create a new race of mortals; one that is self-sufficient and self-reliant

hera: and how so will they be conceived, father of gods and men

zeus: there will be no need for conception; i will decide when the moment is ripe and scatter down seeds from the heavens as i do with the rains

hera: but why eliminate the gift you had bestowed on mortals to pro-create according to their own free will

zeus: they have failed hera, parents run around with their heads empty never reasoning with the life they live

hera: so that will reduce this burden they have inflicted upon themselves

zeus: yes, i will plant them on the abundant fields of the earth, so they might perhaps remember that i made them for abundance and not to beg from institutions or corporations for a cup of water; do they not see the abundant ocean and the grains of sand; and the amazon forest!

divine postman: but first father, you will need to prepare the ground clearing away all the weeds so that beauty can bloom in a fertile and rich field

zeus: yes, much-enduring divine postman, i will prepare the ground for seeds as rich as the bamboo tree, and i will send you to tell them all to get a vasectomy

so we can do away with all these city dolls and create men and women of sparta; strong in mind, body, and heart

i will sustain them with the spirit of the sea and the ever-nourishing light of the sun and moon; their days will be as old as a bamboo tree

hera: and how will they multiply, father, since you will instruct much-enduring divine postman that they should all get a vasectomy and what purpose will they fulfill

zeus: once fully matured and upright, they will hunt and store the immortal fire and store it in a fennel stalk

divine postman: is this the fire that will enable them to master the arts

zeus: yes, divine postman; they will master the arts and multiply in their ideas

hera: so the arts will become their children

zeus: yes hera, and thus compensating their loss of conception with immortal fame that will reign through every generation and every age