divine postman: every genius needs faith to move the hearts of many

mbuso: he must first attain his freedom before he can set many free

athi: as the sand is washed by the sea, the old is lost in the new

okuhle: he needs to see his scars his blood his losses

samantha: it is painful for the divine genius to look at himself in the mirror

divine postman: but it’s worth it. for a new kingdom will rise within

mbuso: one that is founded on love

athi: rooted in simplicity and nobility

okuhle: he must embody the spirit of all his followers

samantha: all that he sacrificed will be multiplied in all its compensation; for he has set everything aside for his thousand-eyed dream

divine postman: freedom comes at a great price

mbuso: but it is more precious than the jewels of assyria

sobukwe: the wheel of progress revolves relentlessly and one must be prepared to take their place among the stars; always observing the change in the times

dylan: come gather round people wherever you roam and admit that these waters around you have grown