divine postman: each man must be in charge of his own learning

mbuso: and use experience and intuition

athi: to make up his mind what he wants in life

okuhle: why do we set limits to our divine minds and not seek to know for ourselves just how far we can go

samantha: i think it all goes down to the influences in our lives, starting from parents to schooling and eventually to the peers you surround yourself with

divine postman: watch an infant in the manner in which he behaves; to them everything is new they are all subconscious

mbuso: an infant is like a screen observing all that is around him;

samantha: everyday he discovers something new

athi: he is constantly absorbing the knowledge in his environment through his sensations

okuhle: hence it can be argued that none is free but the child alone, because to him the are no limits; he knows the possibility of the imagination

samantha: he has not yet been told what he can or cannot do

divine postman: until parents and teachers rebuke him for do something in a different way

samantha: they don’t understand the child’s state of mind

athi: he is the true genius because he refuses to conform

okuhle: which is why infancy conforms to nobody all conform to it