emerson: these appearances indicate that the universe is represented in everyone of its particles

divine postman: everything in nature contains all the powers of nature

mbuso: everything is made of one hidden stuff

okuhle: as the naturalist sees one type under every metamorphosis

athi: and regards a horse as a man running, a fish as a man swimming

samantha: a bird as a flying man, and a tree as a rooted man

emerson: each new form repeats not only the main character of the type

divine postman: but part for part all the details, all the aims furtherances, hindrances, energies

mbuso: and the whole system of every other

okuhle: in other words, the character and sublimity of man is reflect in the entire natural phenomena

athi: every occupation, trade, art, transaction, is a compend of the world

samantha: and a correlative of every other

emerson: everything is connected, nothing can exist on its own.

divine postman: each one is an entire emblem of human life; of its good and ill,

mbuso: its trials, its enemies,

okuhle: its course and its end

athi: and each one must somehow accommodate the whole man

samantha: and recite all his destiny

emerson: do not overthink things it is best to simplify