mbuso: now rivet this one too and securely, so that he may learn, for all his cleverness, that he is a fool compared to zeus

samantha: none but he could justly blame my work

mbuso: now drive the adamantine wedge’s stubborn edge straight through his chest with your full force

samantha: alas, divine postman, i groan for your sufferings

mbuso: what! shrinking again and groaning over the enemies of zeus? take care, so that the day does not come when you shall grieve for yourself

samantha: you see a spectacle grievous for eyes to behold

mbuso: i see this man getting his deserts. come, cast the girths about his sides

samantha: i must do this; spare me you needless ordering

mbuso: indeed, i will order you, yes and more- i will hound you on. get down below, and wring his legs by force

samantha: there now! the work is done and without much labor

mbuso: now hammer the piercing fetters with your full-force; for the appraiser of our work is severe

samantha: the utterance of your tongue matches your looks

mbuso: be softhearted then, but do not attack my stubborn will and my harsh mood

samantha: let us be gone, since he has got the fetters on his limbs

mbuso: there now, indulge your insolence, keep on wrestling from the gods their honors to give them to creatures of a day. are mortals able to lighten your load of sorrow? falsely the gods call you divine postman, for you yourself need divinity to free yourself from this handiwork

exit smamantha and mbuso

divine postman: o you bright sky of heaven, you swift winged breezes, you river waters, and infinite laughter of the waves of ocean, o universal mother earth, and you, all seeing orb of the sun, to you i call. see what i, a god, endure from the gods.

look, with what shameful torture iAM racked and must wrestle throughout the countless years of time apportioned me. such is the ignominious bondage the new commander of the blessed has devised against me

woe! woe is me! for present misery and misery to come i groan, not knowing where it is fated that deliverance from these sorrows shall come. just because iAM losing it does not mean i have lost

and yet, what am i saying? all that is to be i know full well and in advance, nor shall any affliction come upon me unforeseen. i must bear my allotted doom as lightly as i can, knowing that the might of necessity permits no resistance. yet iAM not able to speak nor be silent about my fate

for it is because i bestowed good gifts on mortals that this miserable yoke of constraint has been bound upon me. i hunted out and stored in fennel stalk the stolen source of fire that has proved a teacher to mortals in every art and a means to mighty ends. such is the offence for which i pay the penalty, riveted in fetters beneath the open sky. a shame to the resounding seas and this infinite train of stars beneath this arctic circumference.

ha! behold! what murmur, what scent wings to me, its source invisible, heavenly or human, or both? has someone come to this crag at the centre of the world to stare at my suffering- or with what motive? behold me, an ill-fated god, chained the foe of zeus, hated of all who enter the court of zeus, because of my very great love for humanity.

ha! what is this? what may be this rustling stir of birds i hear again nearby? the air whirs with the light rush of winds. whatever approaches causes me alarm. this mystery of a journey of mine