mandela: young men who are grappling everyday with fresh practical human problems like to test the knowledge acquired in the classroom and books against the experience of their mature seniors

divine postman: it is only through observing other people’s lives that we learn.

mbuso: the knowledge that our parents are living on is gradually becoming extinct

geraldine: they refuse to adapt and therefore they will die

samantha: today kids have smartphones and the world wide web; with the click of a button they can learn anything

athi: that is why there is absolutely no need for schooling because there is something more liberal, which is the internet

okuhle: parents will only learn when it is too late, because eventually they will see how radical this technology is

divine postman: i traveled around the world, and visited singapore, japan china, and india. i found it incredibly interesting how the people work overseas compared to here locally. they work twice as hard as we do and in less time

mbuso: asians know how to work, that is why everything we have in south africa comes from china

geraldine: change is something that is inevitable, eventually the whole world will be integrated to this new technology

samantha: it is a new world order and everyday we grow taller

divine postman: most of the developed world lives off the internet

geraldine: the african will always be playing catch-up; life will serve best the innovators, the defiant ones