mandela: dreams that stress the special unity that hold the freedom forces together in a bond that has been forged by common struggle, sacrifice, and traditions, are worth dieing for

divine postman: we are infinitely rich within, we all receive according to nature’s divine charity. western civilization has not entirely rubbed off my african roots

mandela: i remember when we were children when we used to gather around community elders to listen to their wealth of wisdom and experience

mbuso: that was the custom of our forefathers and the traditional school in which we were brought up

okuhle: i still respect our elders and chat with them about olden times, when we had our own constitution and lived freely

athi: every problem or proposal the youth had was resolved in a circle of elders sitting on wooden stools under a great big tree

mandela: the old generation that inherited the oral traditions of our ancestors has disappeared

geraldine: we wallow around with our heads empty without any form of wisdom

samantha: schooling is what replaced our in-born knowledge; for every new art we lose old instincts

divine postman: science has developed modern techniques of acquiring knowledge in all fields, but can never substitute one’s intuition

mbuso: rational thought is confined to a particular field; intuition and common sense deal with everyday problems

geraldine: we lose our womanhood because we fail of the critical skill of reasoning

athi: it is the same with us man, we lose our manhood as we chase material things and abandon our trueselves

okuhle: even the younger generation of today still values the experience of elders