divine postman: my worst fear in life was growing up to be like my passive father. he would come home back from work, sit in front of the television and complain about how miserable his life was

mbuso: and then he would tell you to go to school

geraldine: you can only listen to a man’s deeds and not his words. everyone complains yet no-one is prepared to make a change

samantha: nothing will change if you don’t change

athi: it is only through trial and error that we begin to learn

okuhle: school seams to stigmatize failure and never acknowledges that for you to learn in life you need to make mistakes

divine postman: experience is life’s greatest teacher; live to write and write to live

gerldine: you need to be consumed by what you love

samantha: it takes many hard years to be a success

mbuso: but all the sacrifices are worth it, for all things need to pass away and make room for the new

athi: before one can succeed, one needs to first know who they are

okuhle: you are your dream, it is not the dream that is a miracle but the new being

divine postman: you must assume a new identity

mbuso: when you have a purpose all angels attend you