mbuso: you need to fight for your dream

divine postman: it is your life to live, you must stand alone

geraldine: indeed, where there is no light there is no life, it is only in the sea where we are free

samantha: what goes up must come down; one must be prepared to take risks and learn how to dust themselves off the ground

athi: the simplest things in life bring us most joy; it is through freedom that we begin to create

divine postman: all things conspire against nature

mbuso: do we not see how all these products have come to be

okuhle: believe in your own genius, do not follow the crowd

divine postman: what burden does the sun see when man is running up and down in his machine

samantha: he does not even pay attention to the purity of the morning air, as the earth prepares a new day for him, with the fresh dew beneath his feat