geraldine: oh, what a wretch iAM, how miserable in my sorrows! ah, ah, how i wish i could die!

heidi: just as i said, dear children. your mother is stirring up her feelings, stirring up her wrath. go quickly into the house, and do not come into her sight or approach her. but beware of her fierce nature and the hatefulness of her willful temper. go inside as quickly as you can. it is good to learn sooner

divine postman: it is plain to see that she will soon kindle with even greater passion, the cloud of lament now rising from its source; what will her proud soul so hard to check, do when stung by this injury

geraldine: oh what sufferings are mine, sufferings that call for loud lamentation! o accursed children of a hateful mother, may you perish with your father and the whole house collapse in ruin

heidi: oh, woe is me! why do you make the children sharers in their father’s sin? why do you hate them? o children, how terrified iAM that you may come to ruin

divine postman: the minds of royalty are dangerous: since they always command and seldom obey

heidi: they are subject to violent changes of mood because of their strong will

divine postman: it is better to be accustomed to live on terms of equality, wealth produces an endless storm within whereas equality brings peace and tranquility

heidi: at any rate may i be able to grow old with modest state and with security

divine postman: life’s greatest challenge heidi, is to learn how to have enough. for moderate fortune has a name that is fairest on the tongue, and in practice it is by far the most beneficial thing for mortals

heidi: excessive riches, divine postman mean no advantage for mortals, and when zeus is angry at a house he makes the ruin greater

divine postman: it is true heidi, the bigger they are the harder they fall

heidi: no man can escape the wrath of fortune; when she decides whatever city she has built she will crush like pottery. and she will keep all that is good sustaining it as the ends of the earth

divine postman: we overlook the simple things that are truly special. life is many great conversations