cicero: philosophy can never be praised as much as it deserves, since she enables the man who is obedient to her precepts to pass every season of life free from worry

divine postman: she sustains the wise in their wealth as well as in their poverty, confirming that with her, man is always rich and no season in their lives can be a burden

cicero: she renews your mind with every thought divine postman, and the more we seek her the more freed we become

divine postman: when conversing with samantha here present, iAM frequently wont to marvel cicero, both at your pre-eminent, nay, faultless, wisdom in matters generally, and especially at the fact that, so far as i have been able to see, old age is never burdensome to you, though it is vicious in its claws to most old people, that they declare it a load heavier than the 12 labours of hercules, because there is no monster that they slew or an end to their labor. they seem to yearn for the end but fear to approach it

cicero: i think, my friends, that you marvel at a thing far from difficult. for those who have not the means within themselves of a virtuous and happy life every age is burdensome

and, on the other hand, to those who seek all good in themselves, nothing can seem evil that the laws of nature inevitably impose. to this class old age inevitably belongs. though you may be young in years divine postman, you are wise in spirit.

divine postman: all men wish to attain old age, cicero, and yet reproach when it is attained, such is the inconsistency and perversity of folly

cicero: they seem to not know what it is that they want and never seem to be satisfied with anything

divine postman: with every sweet there is a sour, many wish for things they have not been prepared for

cicero: nature graciously gives all that man desires but man fails to be grateful because he has no peace in himself

divine postman: it is only the triumph over principles that can bring us joy

cicero: they say that old age, stole upon them faster than they had expected

divine postman: in the first place, cicero, who has forced them to make a mistaken judgement

cicero: for how much more rapidly does old age steal upon youth, than youth upon childhood

divine postman: and again, how much less burdensome would old age be to them if they were in their seven hundredth rather than ninetieth year

cicero: in fact, no lapse of time, however long, once it had slipped away, could solace or soothe a foolish old age

divine postman: as we reach our old age and the years slip away in our hands one questions, what value did they add to others in life

cicero: there are those, divine postman who go their whole lives ruining themselves in self-indulgence never having a thought in their minds to give to those less fortunate

divine postman: it is a very selfish life they live cicero, and unfortunately it will be too late to rectify the mistakes of the past because you no longer have the strength though you might have the will

cicero: and so it is the young, who will come forth kind after kind and transform humanity cleaning up the mess that the old have made. every succeeding generation is influenced by the one that precede it. therefore, as the current generation fails the new will feel their mistakes

i hand you the baton divine postman that you may build off the strength of my shoulders and make something better for the generation to come. nature clears away the old to make room for the new

the study of history, philosophy, and poetry will empower you to lead this age. stay true to your convictions and obey thy heart. abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, and you will reproduce the foreworld again always be rooted in love