titus: there is this exceptionally fruitful and beneficial advantage to be derived from the study of the past, that you see, set in the clear light of historical truth, examples of every possible type

divine postman: from these you may select for yourself and your country what to imitate, and also what, as being mischievous in its inception and disastrous in its issues, you are to avoid

titus: history is an impertinence and an injury. unless however, iAM misled by affection for our undertaking, there has never existed any commonwealth greater in power, with a purer morality, or more fertile in good examples; or any state in which avarice and luxury have been so late in making their inroads

divine postman: or poverty and frugality so highly and continuously honored

titus: showing clearly that the less wealth men possessed the less they coveted

divine postman: whoever, gathers more than he needs will never have enough, and it is he who covets his neighbours property who is poor

titus: and thus poverty and wealth become a state of mind

divine postman: in these latter years wealth has brought avarice in its train, and the unlimited command of pleasure has created in men a passion for ruining themselves and everything else through self-indulgence and licentiousness

titus: nature will not be fooled, for every excess there is a defect. when the gatherer gathers too much nature kills the owner

divine postman: in all we do we should much prefer to start with favorable omens, and adopt the poet’s cutom

titus: it is much more pleasanter to commence with prayers and supplications with gods and goddesses, that they would grant a favorable and successful outcome to the task before us

divine postman: every great man believed in doing the impossible. let us not set limits to this divine mind and body

titus: it is only you who decides what is possible and impossible

divine postman: let us not force things but allow them to happen, nature with her divine mind will compensate every mortal