emerson: in all we do we labor in hope, as there can be no certainty in this life. in all we do we are learning how to handle success. let us meet for games of strength or skill, for the recitation of histories, tragedies, and odes like the greeks.

it is our duty to encourage each other in every right step rejoicing in parliaments of love and poesy like the troubadours, and for the advancement of science like our british and european contemporaries.

divine postman: my labour is concerned with celebrating the survival of the love of letters to a people too busy to give to letters any more. we have lost our pure intrinsic desire for learning, as a species and have chosen shopping malls and casinos.

however, the survival of the love of letters is precious as the sign of an indestructible instinct. the sluggard intellect of this continent, will look from under its iron lids and fill the postponed expectation of the world with something better than the exertions of mechanical skill.

emerson: our day of dependence, our long apprenticeship to the learning of other lands, draws to a close. money attracts false friends.

divine postman: the millions around us that are rushing into life, cannot always be fed on the sere remains of foreign harvests. they seem to trust not in themselves but in some external possession.

emerson: events, actions arise that must be sung, that will sing themselves. we must speak of what is within and find joy in who we are.

divine postman: who can doubt that poetry, will revive and lead in a new age, as the star in the constellation harp, which now flames in our zenith, astronomers announce shall one day, be the pole-star for a thousand years

emerson: let us inquire what new lights, new events, and more days have thrown on the character of the divine scholar, his duties and his hopes

divine postman: it is one of those fables which out of an unknown antiquity convey an unlooked for wisdom, that the gods, in the beginning, divided man into men, that he might be more helpful to himself; just as the hand was divided into fingers, the better to answer its end

emerson: it is not a great spark that will change men, but a sustained light. for it is through persistence that things come to life, we must endure as nature does. the more you do something the more you connect with it. and so repetition is life’s true teacher. fame will force you to live an isolated life

divine postman: indeed, this great dream i have can be a gift and a curse