divine postman: i will not encourage you- no, nor, even if you were willing later, would i welcome you as my partner in this action. as we train ourselves in our craft we begin to find our voice. be the sort that pleases you.

i will stand for this truth. i shall rest with those who died and lay down my life for the children to come. for the time is greater that i must serve the whole of man than to serve myself. since in self-indulgence there is no fulfillment but in serving there is infinite joy to be found. but if you so choose, continue to dishonor what venus has in honor established

okuhle: i do them no dishonor. but to act in violation of your parents’ will – of that iAM by nature incapable

divine postman: everything evolves and can never remain the same; every new generation must make known what the previous failed to see. you can make that your pretext! regardless, i will go now and make a vow with all those i love; before death takes me in her angel wings, for reward is to the brave the old must die and the new must rise

okuhle: oh no, unhappy cousin! i fear for you

divine postman: do not tremble for me; i chose my own fate. straighten out your own destiny. deal with what concerns you

okuhle: then at least share the deed with someone before you do it.

divine postman: it is better to first accomplish something then speak of it. for through silence we gain confidence and believe our very own thought. proclaiming things to everyone is a sign of weakness and a lack of faith in oneself. one must not seek validation for one’s dream

okuhle: you have a burning heart for chilling deeds

divine postman: it is best to please your own conscious and find peace

okuhle: yes, if you will also have the power! but you crave the impossible

divine postman: why then, when my strength fails i will have finished. none but me can accomplish this great deed, it is the only means by which the captives can be set free

okuhle: an impossible hunt should not be tried in the first place.

divine postman: it is only you who decides what is impossible or possible. but leave me and the foolish plan i have authored, to suffer this terrible deed. for i will not suffer anything so terrible that my death will lack honor. for better to be wise in the eyes of venus and be a fool in the eyes of man. than to be foolish before venus yet spending your whole life receiving approval from man. fear never saved a man, cowardice has no room in love.

okuhle: go, then, if you so decide! and of this be sure: though your path is foolish in the eyes of men, to venus your love is straight and true. time will justify this great deed. as you are bravest of us all greater will be your prize