divine postman: indeed, samantha you are just the woman to hear it. for the discourse about which we conversed, was in a sense, a love-speech. for bassie has represented one of the beauties being tempted, but not by a lover; this is just the genius about it, he wants us to think for ourselves. for he says that favors should be granted to the one who is not in love than to the romantic

samantha: o noble bassie! i wish that he should write they should be granted to the rich rather than to the poor, to the old rather than to the young, and so of all the other qualities that i and most of us have. for old age and wealth rob us of the divine things in life. iAM so determined to hear you, that i will not leave you, even if you extend your walk to nahoon beach

divine postman: what are you saying my dear samantha! it is true that our genius lies in each other, hence by spending quality time we learn more about who we are, and what we value most. as you become a mirror of me

and so you suppose that i, who am a mere ordinary man, can tell from memory, in a way that is worthy of bassie, what he, the wisest writer of our day, composed at his leisure, and took a long time for? for great works of genius take grace and care to accomplish. i would rather have this ability than a great sum of money. money does not last my dear but wisdom prevails through all ages

samantha: oh divine postman! what truth you speak my friend. what we gain through experience is more worthy than all the repositories of gold in the world. through experience we learn and walk and grow. and share what we have learned with the rest of man. as our heart assumes a new identity. one that is divine

divine postman: verily true samantha, for when life throws us into the deep ends we can always reach in our bosom for true knowledge that will sustain us through life’s most pressing times. and thus by looking into ourselves we transcend to greater men and women