and for the rest goddess, summon to judgments true,

unbusied ears and singleness of mind

withdrawn from cares; lest these my gifts, arranged

for thee with eager service, thou disdain,

before thou comprehendest: since for thee

i prove the supreme law of gods and sky,

and the primordial germs of things unfold,

when nature all creates, and multiplies,

and fosters all, and whither she resolves

to make all things new and divine

each in the end when each is overthrown.

this ultimate stock we have devised to name

procreant atoms, matter, seeds of things,

or primal bodies as primal to the world

our dream is a fact as the rainbow in the sky

those without knowledge will always be inferior

our lives can only be sustained

with knowledge movement and water.

never compete with mortals create your own standard