our notebooks impair our memory; our libraries overload our intuition, we are mowed down by the machines that we drive. and are destroyed by the food that we eat. we have lost by fine refinement some divine energy, by an education and a religion entrenched in establishments and forms. making no room for learning through suffering but creating an illusion of life that those who go to schooling and worship some false god or whatever it is they believe in, will live happily ever after. what fools these mortals can be, it is only through searching within that we can begin to see. whoever fails to persevere for what he believes will never find fulfillment in anything.

some vigor of wild virtue has been lost within us. for every spartan was a spartan but where is the 21st century man. he is made sick by all the nonsense he consumes from food to religion. whoever does not ask questions will always remain poor. there is no more deviation in the moral standard than in the standard of height or bulk. no greater men are now than ever were. a singular equality may be observed between great men of the first and the last ages, they believed in what they found within. and translated that to the rest of humanity.

all the science, art, philosophy, and religion of the twenty first century, can never avail to educate greater men, then plutarch’s heroes or plato’s dialogues, three or four and twenty centuries ago. it is only by pursuing our own learning that we can truly grow. that which we learn from institutions leaves the mind as soon as it is received and thus never nourishes the entire human being. not in time is the race progressive. emerson, montaigne, shakespeare, are great men, but they leave no class. he who is really of their class will not be called by their name, but will find his own identity, and be in turn his own man, trusting his divine genius. and in the process founding his own sect.

they go crazy in these homes, they talk with the television, they shut themselves in their rooms, they shove as much food down their throats as they can, they pile up boxes filled high with clothes and papers from their journey’s through school. they abandon their lives and look for meaning on the outside. they do not see that the child is dieing on the inside and so today i will testify of this miracle of a life.

honey, do you not know that love is enough. reconcile your present with your past.