mbuso: so on we went, discoursing the while, on this affair; and hence, i began as by saying, i have it pretty well by heart. so, friends, if you too must hear the whole story, i had better tell it. for my own part, indeed, i commonly find that, setting aside the benefit they do me, i take an immense delight in philosophical conversations, whether i speak them myself or listen to them from others.

whereas in the case of other talks, especially those of wealth and money, and how people are always complaining about not having a job or how much they hate their jobs and are not getting paid enough; iAM not only annoyed myself but feel sorry for my dear intimates like you, who think you are doing a great deal when really you do nothing at all. it is only in you that you will find the solution needed; for every cause nature has placed before us she intends that we grow.

from your point of view i seem a hapless creature, who does not know what he is doing. and i think your thought is not true. never pity the great dreamer in his simplicity, for he knows all things and soon will own the earth. as for you my friend, you are in most need and in extreme poverty, but you do not see.

okuhle: you are the same as ever, mbuso. always defaming everyone else and praising those who are lovers of wisdom. your view, i take it, is that all men are miserable, excepting divine postman, and that none can enjoy life without understanding. how you may have come of your title “crazy”, i have no idea, though of course you are always like that in your way of speech, raging against every ignorant mortal except yourself and divine postman.

mbuso: my dear friend, obviously it must be a mere crazy aberration in me, to hold this opinion of myself and of you all. i say so because people simply refuse to learn.

okuhle: let us no longer, mbuso, wrangle about such matters, because we will talk about such issue the whole day. every subject can be discussed in a lifetime. but come, without more ado, comply with our request and relate how the speeches went

mbuso: aha! so you do value wisdom after all. it is what will sustain you in the long-term my friend. i welcome you to my camp. well then, they were somewhat as follows, but stay, i must try to tell you all in order of beginning, just as athi told it to me

he said that he met with divine postman fresh from the bath and wearing his best pair of shoes and a tuxedo suit, something he very rarely does, because he is always wearing shorts and a vest, cycling around slumtown. he asked him, whither he was bound in such fine trim.

“to dinner at geraldine’s,” he replied. “i evaded her and her celebrations last night, fearing the crowd and all the noise; but i agreed to be present today. so i got myself up in this handsome attire, in order to be a match for my beautiful host. now, tell me,” said he, “do you feel in the mood for going unasked to dinner.”

“for anything,” he said, ” that you bid me do. for your heart has undergone the utmost purification of philosophy. and thus has learned how to command.”