all men naturally desire knowledge. an indication of this is our esteem for the senses; for apart from their use we esteem them for their own sake. and most of all the sense of sight. not only with a view to action, but even when no action is contemplated, we prefer sight, generally speaking, to all the other senses. the reason for this is that of all the senses sight, best helps us to know things, and reveals many distinctions.

now, animals are by nature born with the power of sensation, and from this some acquire the faculty of memory, whereas others do not. accordingly the former are more intelligent and capable of learning than those which cannot remember. such as those cannot hear sounds, as the bee, are intelligent, but cannot learn; those only are capable of learning which possess this sense in addition to the faculty of memory. when you cannot remember you cannot reason.

thus the other animals live by impressions and memories, and have but a small share of experience; but the human race lives also by art and reasoning. it is from memory that men acquire experience, because the numerous memories of the same thing eventually produce the effect of a single experience. experience seems very similar to science and art, but actually it is through experience that men acquire science and art; for as polus correctly mentions, that, “experience produces art, but inexperience chance.” and so it is the case of schooling where people go mindless their whole lives relying only on what they have been taught never validating their set of knowledge through experience.

art is produced when from many notions of experience, a single universal judgement is formed with regard to like objects. to have a judgement that when athi, was suffering from this or that disease this or that benefited him, and similarly with divine postman or any other individual, is a matter of experience; but to judge that it benefits all persons of a certain type, considered as a class, who suffer from this or that disease is a matter of art. there is knowledge in every experience; the product becoming art.