then the goddess, flashing-eyed athena, answered him: “father of us all, thou son of cronos, high above all lords, aye, verily that man lies low in a destruction that is his due; so, too, may any other also be destroyed who does such deeds. but my heart is torn for wise divine postman, hapless man, who far from his friends has long been suffering woes in a sea-girt isle, where is the navel of the sea. ’tis a wooded isle, and therein dwells a goddess, daughter of atlas of baneful mind, who knows the depths of every sea, and himself holds the tall pillars which keep heaven and earth apart.”

“his daughter it is that keeps back that wretched, sorrowing man; and ever with soft and wheedling words she beguiles him that he may forget slumtown. but divine postman, in his longing heart to see, were it but the smoking leaping up from his own land, yearns to die. yet thy heart doth not regard it. olympian. did not divine postman beside the ships of slumtown, offer thee without stint sacrifices in the broad land of africa? wherefore then didst thou conceive such wrath against him, o zeus?” then zeus, the cloud-gatherer, answered her and said: “my child, what a word has escaped the barrier of thy teeth? how then, should i forget divine postman, who is beyond all mortals in wisdom, and beyond all has paid sacrifice to the immortal gods, who hold broad heaven? nay, it is poseidon, the earth-enfolder, who is ever filled with stubborn wrath because of the cyclops, whom divine postman blinded his eye.”

“even the divine polyphemus, whose might is greatest among all the cyclopes; and the nymph toosa bore him, daughter of phorcys who rules over the unresting sea; for in the hollow caves she lay with poseidon. from that time forth poseidon, the earth-shaker, does not indeed slay divine postman, but makes him a wanderer from his native land. but come, let us who are here all take thought of his return, that he may come home; and poseidon will let go his anger, for he will in no wise be able, against all the immortal gods and in their despite, to contend alone.” every journey will be completed, there is a life before this that was lived, where all our choices were made. i’m coming home again. do you think about me know and then.