bifil that in that seson on a day

in southwerk at the tabard as i lay

redy to wenden on my pilgrymage

to caunterbury with ful devout corage

at nyght were come into that hostelrye

wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye

of sondry folk, by aventure y-falle

in felaweshipe, and pilgrimes were they alle

that toward caunterbury wolden ryde

the chambres and the stables weren wyde

and wel we weren esed atte beste

and shortly, whan the sonne was to reste

so hadde i spoken with hem everychon

that i was of hir felaweshipe anon

and made forward erly for to ryse

to take oure wey, ther as i yow devyse

all things go through changes

only the disciplined can play by their rules