all concentrates through a narrow space: let us not rove; let us sit at home with the cause seeking to solve its roots. let us stun and astonish the intruding rabble of men, and books and institutions, by a simple declaration of the divine fact. she hates it that i don’t eat her food. bid the invaders take their shoes off their feet, for love is here within. we can choose to live for our own welfare or launch our vision to the thousand eyed earth. the love for man is more noble than the love for oneself. let our simplicity judge the household dwellers, and our docility to our own law demonstrate the poverty of nature and fortune beside our native riches.

iAM going to do great things in this life, i will live according to mine own constitution. they say time is money but really it’s not, if we ever go broke and lose all things darling time is all we got and you can’t pay that back. the grace of a butterfly, the joy of sunrise, the rustling of the corn, gloria of the sea, the birds that twitter in the morning waking man from his deep slumber, the crickets that cry, the owl that ululates, the shining moon with her star train, this firmament of joy. a splendor to the soul and eye of man to give him refuge in his sadness.

it is a curse to sit a blessing to move, look mama we made it your son out in algoa bay, all the darkness we dun overcame and stepped into the light. joy is what awaits me discipline keeping me rooted to the ground. i did this for slumtown, my city showed me love but today brings me sorrow, life is bigger than your family. iAM prince in this land, imma persist imma keep knocking on this door till finally i break it down. i laid everything aside for this dream.