all that we say is the far-off remembering of intuition. when good is near you, when you have life in yourself, it is not by any known or accustomed way; you shall not discern the footprints of any other; you shall not see the face of man; you shall not hear any name; the way, the thought, the good, shall be wholly strange and new. it shall exclude example and experience. you take the way from man, not to man. all persons that ever existed are its forgotten ministers.

fear and hope are alike beneath it. there is somewhat low even in hope. in the hour of vision, there is nothing that can be called gratitude, nor properly joy. the soul raised over passion beholds identity and eternal causation, perceives the self-existence of truth and right, and calms itself with knowing that all things go well. knowledge empowers. vast spaces of nature, the atlantic ocean, the south sea, long intervals of time, years, centuries, and space are of no account.

honey if my heart stop pumping tomorrow, don’t feel no sorrow remember the love that we shared. sometimes i wonder if i was gone who gone remember me, many people pretend to love me but deep down in their hearts they envy me. told mama imma make it and i found a way; i always knew there will be better days when worry will go away. in these waters i chose to wait.

darling i know we aint gonna have a long time but we will have the best times; turn da lights down low dancing in the dark with you between my arms. you were always by my side when no friend here there was my golden sunshine. our bodies our minds are weighed down by many troubles, most of which we inflict upon ourselves, and so blame the immortals for our toil. when there is no purpose there can be no fulfillment. we can only be rich when we feel rich.