power: well, why delay and excite pity in vain? why do you not detest a god most hateful to the gods, since he has betrayed your prerogative to mortals?

hephaestus: a strangely potent tie is kinship, and companionship as well

power: i agree; yet to refuse to obey the commands of the father; is it possible? do you not fear that more?

hephaestus: yes, you are ever pitiless and steeped in insolence

power: yes, for it does not good to bemoan this fellow. stop wasting your labour at an unprofitable task

hephaestus: oh handicraft that i hate so much!

power: why hate it, since in truth your craft is not to blame for these present troubles

hephaestus: nevertheless, i wish it had fallen to another’s lot!

power: every job is troublesome except to be the commander of gods; no one is free but zeus

hephaestus: i know it by this task; i cannot deny it

power: hurry then to cast the fetters about him, so that the father does not see you loitering

hephaestus: well, there then! the bands are ready, as you may see

power: cast them about his wrists and with might strike with your hammer; rivet him to the rocks

hephaestus: there! the work is getting done and not improperly

power: strike him harder, clamp him tight; leave nothing loose. for he is wondrously clever at finding a way even out of desperate straits

hephaestus: this arm at least is fixed permenantly

divine postman: do not let the folly strike fear into your heart