nurse: she loathes the children and takes no joy in looking at them. and iAM afraid that she will hatch some sinister plan. for she has a terrible temper and will not put up with bad treatment- i know her- and i fear she may thrust a whetted sword through her vitals, slipping quietly into the house where the bed is spread, or kill the royal family and the bridegroom and then win some greater calamity. for she is dangerous. i tell you, no man who clashes with her will find it easy to crow in victory

tutor: aged slave of my mistresses’ household, why do you stand alone like this at the palace gate, complaining of your troubles to your own ears? how can medea spare your service?

nurse: old attendant to the children of jason, to trusty servants it is a disaster when the dice of their masters’ fortunes fall badly: it touches their hearts. so great is the grief i feel that the desire stole over me to come out here to speak my mistress’s troubles to earth and sky.

tutor: what! does the poor woman not yet cease from moaning?

nurse: your ignorance is enviable. her misfortune is still beginning and has not yet reached its peak

tutor; poor fool if i may speak thus of my masters, how little she knows of her latest trouble!

nurse: what is it, old man? do not begrudge me of the news

tutor: nothing. iAM sorry i said as much as i have

nurse: i beg you by your beard, do not conceal this from your fellow slave! i will keep it a secret if i must

tutor: as i approached the gaming tables, where the old men sit near the holy spring of peirene, i heard someone say, i was pretending not to listen, that divine postman, this country’s king, was going to exile these children and their mother from the land of slumtown. whether the story is true i do not know. i could wish it were not so

nurse: but will jason allow this to happen to his sons even if he is at odds with their mother?

tutor: old marriage ties give way to new: he is no friend to this house

nurse: we are done for, it seems, if we add this new trouble to our old ones before we’ve weathered those

tutor: but you, hold your peace, since it is not the right time for your mistress to know this, and say nothing of this tale. water penetrates all that it passes

nurse: o children, do you hear what kind of man your father is towards you? a curse on him! but no, he is my master. yet he is certainly guilty of disloyalty towards his loved ones.

tutor: as what mortal is not? are you just now learning this, that each man loves himself more than his neighbour, some justly, others for the sake of gain, seeing that their father does not love these boys because of his bride

nurse: go into the house, children, all will be well. and you, keep them as far off as you can and do not bring them near their mother in her distress. for i have seen her turn a savage glance at them. as if she meant to do something to them. and she will not let go of her wrath, iAM sure, before she brings it down on someone’s head. but may it be enemies not loved ones that feel her wrath. there is nothing more brilliant than consistency it gives roots to success