xenophon: it was on the occasion of the horse races at the greater fairview games; soso, samantha’s son, was enamoured, as it happened, of the lady mondre, and in honour of his victory at fairview had brought her to see the spectacle.

divine postman: university fails to teach truly.

xenohpon: we must live our knowledge divine postman.

divine postman: indeed xenophon, knowledge that does not live can never manifest life.

xenophon: now, when the racing was over soso proceeded on his way to his house in the palace with mondre and the boy’s father; lindsey was also in his company.

divine postman: we must only trust that which comes from our own thought

xenophon: and not to be the parrot of other men’s thinking. but on catching sight of a group comprising socrates, emerson, strabo, shelley and leonardo, soso bade one of his servants escort mondre and the others.

divine postman: and he himself going over to socrates and his companions, said, “this is an opportune meeting, for iAM about to give a dinner in honour of mondre and his father; and i think that my entertainment would present a great deal more brilliance if my dining room were graced with the presence of men like you, whose hearts have undergone philosophy’s purification, than it would with generals and cavalry commanders and office-seekers.”

xenophon: in all we do our growth needs to be organic and aligned with nature. philosophy is the most noble pursuit.

divine postman: by understanding history and living philosophy we set the captives free with our poetry. what appeals to the subconscious mind appeals to the soul of man.

xenophon: you must bear in mind divine postman that previous generations will be ignorant to new technology and new ways of doing things. it is up to every individual to understand where nature is moving, as it despises the old and constantly making room for the new.

divine postman: we must give ourselves to the slow task of observation xenophon understanding that history is what connects everything.

xenophon: as we go back to our past xenophon and not deny our roots, the red sea parts and the moon with her stars will light our way.


socrates: you are always quizzing us, mondre; for you have yourself paid a good deal to sacrifice all you have for wisdom. while you see we are what you might call amateurs in philosophy, and so you feel supercilious toward us.

mondre: no doubt socrates, although i have plenty of wise things to say, i have kept my wisdom to myself; but if only you will honor me with your company today, i promise to share all that i have discovered in my short life.

xenophon: socrates and the others, while thanking mondre politely for the invitation, as might be expected, but would not promise to attend the banquet; when it became clear however, that he was taking their refusal much to heart, they went with him.

divine postman: we learn more through the conversations we have and our daily habits than through schooling.

xenophon: people do not understand divine postman that learning happens primarily through the subconscious mind. that is why someone might say they will stop eating uhealthy today and adopt a new diet tomorrow, but when the time comes they slip back to their old habits.

divine postman: the subconscious xenophon is not something that you can switch on and off; it can only be transformed through making sacrifices.

xenophon: we always hear the saying that, “to receive something one must be prepared to give up something.” the reason for this is because if we want to learn something new the subconscious must no longer recognize the old habits and must begin to process the new data.

divine postman: it is also a brain function xenophon because through rewiring our subconscious we rewire the connections in our brain.

xenophon: and for those connections to be firm and strong repetition is what is needed.

divine postman: and so mondre’s guests arrived, some having taken their exercise and their rub-down, others with the addition of a bath. mondre took a seat by samantha’s side; the other’s of course reclined.

xenophon: a person who took note to the course of events would have come at once to the conclusion that beauty in its essence is something regal, especially when, as in the present case of geraldine, its possesor joins with modesty and self-respect.

divine postman: for in the first place, just as the sudden glow of stars at night, the eyes of man are riveted, so the beauty of geraldine compelled the gaze of all on her.

xenophon: and again, there was not one of the onlookers who did not feel stirred to his soul’s depth by the sight of geraldine. some of them were reduced to silence, while others gestured in a unique manner. smitten by the sheer sight of beauty.

divine postman: it seems the looking betokening divine possession, no matter who the god, must ever be remarkable; only whilst the subject of each commoner emotion passion-whirled may be distinguished by flashings of the eye, by terror-striking tone of voice, and by the vehement fervour of the whole woman’s being.

xenophon: those who are inspired by temperate and harmonious love will wear a more tender look, subdue their voices to more gentle tones with words falling from their lips with softer intonation; and every gesture of their bodily frame conform to what is truly frank and liberal, bearing a supreme noble presence.

divine postman: such was the demeanour of geraldine at this time under the influence of love, and therefore she was an object well-worth the gaze of those initiated into the worship of love; for all in her presence was radiant.

xenophon: and all those in her presence came to be equal in her transcendent simplicity.

divine postman: the soul does not relish clutter xenophon.

xenophon: it is simple as the rose and the trees. nature delights in unity and simplicity

divine postman: what is most beautiful xenophon is who you are and not what society has made you to become.

xenophon: society everywhere is in conspiracy friend against the manhood of every one of its members.

divine postman oh! such great faith and a strong will a man needs to be who he is.

xenophon: it is against the human constitution to imitate divine postman. let us encourage man to be their own selves and not to adopt the opinion of another.

divine postman: never believe what a person says observe their life.

xenophon: hypocrites are those who talk but never do. many words are meaningless