emerson: i remember divine postman we made it out of that dark place

divine postman: through the darkness we found the light ralph and now today we stand together upright. conscious of the meaning for our suffering

emerson: without suffering divine postman there can be no joy. the sorrows and tears we shed point us toward our joy.

divine postman: suffering is temporary emerson joy abounds forever

emerrson: he who has a why divine postman can bear with almost anyhow. we need to remember that a tree grows from its roots

divine postman: the mass of man idolize the fruit and the leaves on the outside never thinking that what matters are the changes we undergo from within

emerson: beauty is what we do not see divine postman. all that we have is born from within

divine postman: and when life tests the truth that we believe in, we need to persevere and endure knowing that something better awaits us above that hill

emerson: the soul is progressive it is active, free and sovereign

divine postman: in all we encounter we need to hold on to hope emerson.

emerson: hope is a tree divine postman sitting on the mountain where the grass does not grow

divine postman: through hope we perceive great possibility. life is more precious than the dollar. we cannot replace the divine repositories of man with a commodity

emerson: freedom is the most choicest of all joys, for it is learned through suffering and patience. aligning us with nature’s purpose

divine postman: we must understand that all things move emerson and never remain in one place. and to harness all the gifts of movement bestowed upon us, we need to live simply knowing that through nature we are self-sufficient

emerson: oh! what a piece of work is man divine postman. how noble in reason. how infinite in faculty. in form and moving how express and admirable. in action how like an angel. in apprehension how like a god. oh the beauty of the world divine postman! the paragon of animals.

divine postman: he is all that lives emerson. born to be king and queen




graeme: every first world country divine postman benefits at the cost of a third world country

divine postman: indeed friend we can only be rich when we live from within cultivating our own souls and not leaving it up to institutions, books, and entertainment

graeme: we must speak what we know divine postman and not what we have heard from another but what we ourselves have lived

divine postman: keep asking questions graeme. the value of money is reflected in what one is prepared to give up for it.

graeme: at most times it appears to me that money only serves as a means to affect your desired end. however, we must also consider the end result of our desired end

divine postman: even our ends graeme become recycled means for what is awaiting us. for example one might choose to buy conventional produce another choosing organic food. the former sees conventional food to be merely an end or rather a source of his enjoyment whereas the latter in choosing organic produce is investing in his health

graeme: it is all perception divine postman and which perception is right or wrong is reflected in the sustenance of it.

divine postman: indeed what we need to understand is that every perception will lead you down a path and the best path is one that liberates your soul.

graeme: everything has two handles friend beware of the wrong one

divine postman: when the body is unhappy so will the soul be sad. we can only transcend through pain

graeme: in order for a tree to yield a greater harvest it needs to go through the process of pruning. and in the beginning it will be painful but in the long-term it will be worth all the sacrifices.

divine postman: one need not despise small beginnings graeme, in the beginning there will be more input but overtime there will be less input and more output

graeme: and when the output comes it floods in as if it were hiding somewhere all along. there is purpose and meaning in all that we do.

divine postman: you can only reap what you sow. a stagnant body is a stagnant mind


samantha: you cannot receive forgiveness divine postman or have a sense of peace when you are not prepared to give up something

divine postman: we are ignorant sam of this truth: everything we accumulate comes at the cost of oppressing another human being. all goods are sourced at cheap labour

samantha: i find that in all we do divine postman we always want to take but never give. our bellies are filled with lust. and we never question the character of the goods we consume

divine postman: what good can come from us when there is no good within. a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and conversely a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. the conscious mind can never even begin to undo the damage inflicted upon the subconscious ocean

samantha: it is what you do with what you are given that matters divine postman, and in the process obeying the almighty effort of nature. whoever fails to align themselves with nature will subsequently die in self indulgence

divine postman: the human heart can never have enough sam, which is why self-discipline needs to be a priority in our lives. especially in this prosperous age. we must eat not for self-indulgence but rather for nourishment. there is always another who is in need

samantha: philosophy calls for plain living, but not for penance divine postman. our simplicity is a means through which we can share our life with all men.

divine postman: and we may perfectly well be plain and neat at the same time

samantha: wealth is harnessed within divine postman. when men visit our homes they should marvel at who we are and not what we have

divine postman: the self-helping mortal who takes the hardest road will be greeted with love, peace, and joy as fragrant as the flowers in the spring. all things will obey him glory is his.

samantha: for him divine postman all doors are flung wide open. all eyes follow with desire.

divine postman: but the mass of man aim low sam. and as they aim low they reap low. they are unstable in their frame crooked through self-indulgence and unstable in their thinking

samantha: we suffer amputation and are thus disproportionate. the individual parts exceed the sum of the whole. we do not treat the most delicate parts of who we are with care.

divine postman: nature’s scholar is the torch-bearer of love. imparting hope to the meek




mbuso: nothing will change divine postman if the subconscious does not change

divine postman: and for the subconscious to change friend, implies the entire stripping of the human body and the mind

mbuso: we must destroy in order to rebuild

divine postman: and that can only be done through adequate sleep which can only be attained by sleeping on the floor.

mbuso: and the more sleep we have divine postman the more refreshed and renewed we feel. imagine sleeping for a year, how radical will your life change

divine postman: it will be as though a man were rising from the dead, seeing his divine nature for the first time.

mbuso: but to pursue optimal health divine postman comes at a cost. struggle and sacrifice go hand in hand. it is not sleep that will transform you into a divine being but the beginning of getting to know yourself

divine postman: and when we embark on this sacred journey we begin to shed away the old and make room for the new

mbuso: we leave the past divine postman and create the future. and seek to find equality for all men.

divine postman: all good is in the sun and for the knowledge in this sovereign light to mould our dna, the body needs to become water.

mbuso: the vital resources of every animal and vegetable are demonstrations of the self-sufficing and therefore self-relying soul

divine postman: the bended tree recovering from a strong wind mbuso; the succession of the seasons and the migration of animals are testament of this truth friend

mbuso: nature sustains her own being divine postman yet man cannot do this simple thing of living from within.

divine postman: he sees himself to be some third estate. separated from nature and his own constitution

mbuso: let us not rove divine postman; let us sit at home with the cause. let us stun and astonish the intruding rabble of man, books, and institutions. by a simple declaration of the divine fact

divine postman: bid the invaders take the shoes off from their feet, for love is here within. let us whip them with our simplicity

mbuso: and our docility to our own law demonstrate the poverty of nature and fortune beside our native riches

divine postman: our natural genius is infinite



athi: those born privileged divine postman are the poor ones

divine postman: there is only so much they can experience friend. although they are rich materially they will be poor spiritually

athi: they must forsake everything to taste the sweetness of life. and be as simple as the every day street dweller who has cast all things and remained in his being. though bitter it is to drink nature’s waters in the beginning but with time every scar will heal

divine postman: we consider the people who live on the street as being poor not knowing that we are the ones who are poor.

athi: they are much stronger than what we are divine postman. they never get sick never go to the doctor but are in perfect good health

divine postman: it is an interesting point that you make and the reason why they are in impeccable condition is because they are always outdoors sleeping at the bosom of nature. while we die in these homes with all the food that we eat and the entertainment that never serves to teach

athi: we convince ourselves that we are living in these homes divine postman when we do not see that we are dieing. the more distant we become from nature the more distant we will be from ourselves

divine postman: knowledge comes only to those who are naked before nature.

athi: and those who know nature will know themselves

divine postman: what a home and a family merely do is that they create a sense of comfort and security. and thus we spend all our lives being a shadow of who we are. we have substituted life with possessions

athi: every encounter divine postman with another individual is a sparing contest. you must measure your acquaintance as nature will measure a man. rejecting all he has been taught and teaching him to live from within.

divine postman: the mass of man pursue these material possessions but yet fail to maintain them. they have homes they do not live in; gardens they do not till, and clothes they do not wash.

athi: well divine postman the cost of living for the dollar leads to the loss of time. you always possess things but never enjoy them

divine postman: and in the process we lose the divine ability of using our hands and feet. for everything that is given something is taken away. society acquires new arts and loses old instincts

the last judgement


okuhle: the african has adopted european culture divine postman; he has looked away from his true past, and does not reconcile today with all the suffering of yesterday

divine postman: i find okuhle that in all we do, we are always looking forward and as a result forgetting our labour of yesterday

okuhle: how simple is success but yet look at how one in a thousand souls will sever himself from the bonds of industrialization and pursue his own path

divine postman: it is only nature that can guide us friend. in all we do we fear confronting ourselves and waste all our time in trivial things most of all cooking. yes, we need to eat but must never forget that time is not to be wasted

okuhle: we must throw away the rule book and seek new ways that the previous generation failed to see

divine postman: fruit is the best food we can eat. it saves time and nourishes the body in a way that puts our efforts of food to a shame.

okuhle: and when you tell people that you can live off fruits and vegetables they get frightened by the possibility of giving up their foods which only clutter the belly and entertain the tongue.

divine postman: and as the body becomes idle with the food that we eat so will our nature become comfortable and stay for too long in one place.

okuhle: we need to challenge ourselves divine postman and embrace new environments because they will constantly teach us about who we are

divine postman: when we move to a different environment we learn more of what we are capable of and see that there is an infinite amount of greatness within us. however what will enable us to manifest that greatness is having faith

okuhle: beauty will follow you wherever you go friend. love is the footsteps that you take

divine postman: we are all given something to study. and the deeper we go the more truth we will find


emerson: instead of man thinking divine postman; we have the bookworm

divine postman: hence the book learned class emerson, who value books, as such: not as related to nature and the human constitution

emerson: but as making a sort of third estate with the world and soul.

divine postman: hence the restorers of readings emerson, the emendators, the bibliomaniacs of all degrees. this is bad

emerson: books are the best of things divine postman, well used, abused, among the worst

divine postman: what is the best use ralph? what is the one means which all things go to effect?

emerson: they are for nothing but to inspire divine postman. to teach to make better choices. i had better not see a book than to be warped by its attraction clean out of my own orbit. and made a satellite instead of a system divine postman

divine postman: independent of your own thinking ralph not replacing your natural genius but renewing it. so that should the sky that we look upon tumble and fall destroying all that i own; i will learn to be content with what has remained

emerson: yes, yes, divine postman. the one thing in the world of value is the divine soul- the soul free, sovereign, and active. this every man is entitled to, it is what transforms him and makes him a new man only if he can so reach it.

divine postman: this emerson every man contains within him, although in almost all men obstructed and yet unborn. he does not know that a greater kingdom is found within. the soul active sees absolute truth and utters truth or creates.

emerson: in this action divine postman it is genius; not the privilege of here and there a favourite, but the sound estate of every man. in its essence it is progressive

divine postman: the book, the college, the school of art, emerson, the institution of any kind stops with some past utterance of genius. this is good say they, let us hold by this. they pin me down!

emerson: they look backward divine postman, and not forward. but genius always looks forward. the eyes of man are set in his forehead, not in his hindhead. with reverted look divine postman man is always lamenting the past and not living for today. thus like a child who spills milk he is spilling the riches before him.

divine postman: whatever talents may be emerson, if the man create not, the pure efflux of the deity is not his. cinders and smoke there may be but not yet flames.

emerson: we are all born with equal opportunity divine postman but our labour does not yield equal outcome. although the wide earth is full of good no kernel of nourishing courn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of land which is given him to till.

divine postman: each man is in charge of his own fate emerson. let him not blame the immortals because of all his misfortune. but understand that through his misfortune he will find his good fortune.

emerson: there are creative manners divine postman, and there are creative actions, and creative words. that teach us how to better communicate. actions, words, that is indicative of no custom or authority, but springing spontaneous from the mind’s own sense of good and fair.

divine postman: man hopes emerson but genius creates- for the good of man and the attainment of glory he endures. regardless of all dangers he is confronted with genius will remain upright in virtue and honor. assuring the rest of man that to create is the proof of a divine presence.

emerson: and so genius divine postman must take risks and not hold where he is comfortable but rather constantly transforming himself through the different environments he finds himself in. he must learn with movement and live an abundant life. the road will answer all his questions

Recto: The male torso, with notes. Verso: The male torso, with n